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Steakhouse Evita is located on the second floor of this stately monumental building in the heart of the old centre of Amsterdam. You have a splendid view over the city with all its hustle and bustle. The restaurant has a warm atmosphere. You will feel right at home in this cosy steakhouse.

Experience a fantastic diner in the middle of bustling Amsterdam.

With some modesty we dare to claim that Steakhouse Evita uses the best meat of the very best quality.

Evita is open : Monday till Thursday daily from 16.30 hrs. And Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 13.00 hrs.


Evita Steakhouse Menu

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The Evita menu features premium quality steaks from some of the world’s finest cattle. Whether you’re looking for a challenge; our exclusive Black Angus entrecôte or a fantastic piece of Rib-eye or a  tender corn-fed American beef the Evita menu never fails to impress.

For our vegetarian guests we prepare a separate main dish every day.

Don’t forget to leave Evita for dessert – the fabulous Sachertorte (choclate cake) or Dutch apple pie with cinnamon ice-cream are not to be missed.

All main courses are served with French fries or a baked potato.